Save the Ocean.

Save the Planet.

Our goal is to educate the world about the Ocean and develop practical ways to help save it.

The Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF) leverages technology to change hearts, transform minds, and advance awareness about ocean conservation and research.

OCEEF believes that our ocean, rich with wonders yet to be discovered, is critical to our future.


OCEEF’s vision is to help shape a world where people appreciate the importance of the Ocean and take action to protect it and ensure its sustainability.


OCEEF’s mission is to advance ocean conservation by educating a new generation of ocean stewards through experiential learning.

Our Missions to Date

Since the organization’s launch in 2022, OCEEF ran multiple science, education and conservation missions on-board RV Odyssey, a state of the art oceanographic vessel that supports state-of-the-art three-person submersibles that descend to thousands of feet, along with remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and has a certified helideck (EC135 and A109) with refueling capabilities.

OCEEF leveraged RV Odyssey’s world-class oceanographic equipment in missions from the Caribbean to Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, and from the Horn of Africa to the Maldives, Chagos, Reunion all the way to Cape Town.


OCEEF believes that the key to accelerating the engagement of children and young adults with the Ocean, while forging new and improved behaviors towards the environment lies in adopting a novel approach to education, where content goes viral, learning is more gamified, and experiences more immersive.


more carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean than our atmosphere.


of the ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.


of Earth’s land surface is covered by the ocean.


of the world’s oxygen is produced by the ocean.

Facts About The Ocean

The breathing tissue of our planet influences weather patterns, regulates temperature, and sustains all life on the planet.