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The mission of OCEEF (The Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation), a 501(c)(3), is to advance ocean conservation by educating a new generation of climate stewards through experiential learning and dedicated research.

We want to make all of our activities  accessible, fun, and engaging to the billions of people around the globe, back on land, in their homes, and communities. In short, our goal is to make science a really cool thing to care about and provide every opportunity for people (little to big) to dive in and contribute Рvery literally Рsaving the planet!

As we build out our long-term corporate partnership program that will focus on our educational goals and the distribution of content, there are many benefits to becoming a supporter today, including exclusive access to updates on important milestones and research that we will be conducting, as well as:

  • Participating through impactful support of ocean research with pioneering and established scientists
  • Contributing to the OCEEF Foundation in support of future missions
  • Democratizing access to content from the missions in a measurable way

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