Formerly known as “Alucia”

Meet RV Odyssey

RV Odyssey is a 183 ft Ice-Class Oceanographic Vessel, that can accommodate up to 55 people, including 22 crew and 7 for submersible and helo operations.

It is equipped with a helipad and a 21-ton A-Frame used to launch its two 3-person submersibles.


ft Ice-Class Oceanographic Vessel.


people can be on the vessel.

Research Vessel Odyssey

Research Vessel Odyssey, combines state of the art oceanographic, exploration, scientific and filmmaking capabilities with five-star accommodation and comfort.

It supports state-of-the-art 3-person submersibles that descend to thousands of feet, along with remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and has a certified helideck (EC135 and A109) with refueling capabilities.

Odyssey is also equipped with world-class oceanographic equipment including a Sonar Multibeam system, wet labs, dry labs, on-board medical facility, hyperbaric chamber, a sophisticated Mission-Control center, as well as a broadcast-quality studio.

from Ifremer to OceanX

An Iconic Pedigree

From the time it was initially launched as Nadir on behalf of the French government’s Ifremer organization, to the extraordinary missions that OceanX ran over the last decade, the vessel has been at the forefront of conservation and exploration.

• The vessel launched French submersible Nautile on hundreds of sub dives including the first dives on Titanic in 1987
• WHOI conducted the successful search for the wreckage and black boxes of Air France flight 447 off the coast of Brazil in 2011
• OceanX ran the first expedition to film giant squid in the wild for NHK Japan and Discovery Channel in 2012
• OceanX provided the vessel for the filming of David Attenborough’s Emmy Award winning series “Great Barrier Reef” in 2015
• OceanX supported filming for BBC’s Blue Planet II, including a record deep dive in the Antarctic

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